Friday, December 31, 2010

3112 '10

Wanted say Bye Bye to 2010.
Many things I do on this year, have happy and sad.

Many things I had to try on this year..

2010, I got pub to drank beer. *
2010, Ponteng gave discipline teacher caught. *
2010, I feel my mommy and daddy love me more than before. *
2010, My buffday ♥
2010, My house was decorating. *
2010, Went Pulau Pangkor with my dear Apple and Liming. *
2010, Went Thailand. *
2010, Went Kuantan. *
2010, My aunt went Taiwan and bought those I like's cosmetics, *
2010, Went Genting with my dear Apple and Liming. *
2010, My jimui study with me on the same class. *

2010, those bad and sad things won't mention, later I sad again -.- *

These was many things, I can't remember already.
So, end like this bahh, 2010

2011, is the new year, bad things go away.
The most important things on
2011, SPM and car driving license.
Try my best to do this two question, is really hard. * I think Oh my gosh ! ><"
I coming :D

To all, Happy New Year
안녕하세요, 2011 :))

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fu*kin long stories of Dec.

I've long time didn't update my blog,
Forgot jor want how to write, -.-

Last time, I've been went to Kuantan,
The picture will update soon on Facebook,
Just some picture that I take, because there only have beaches,
went there to enjoy the feels only.

9 Dec '10

Went with my cousin and her friend,
Bought many things, Wee ~
And also long time didn't have make up,
because this holidays, everyday I at home, no go out, do 宅女 :x

After shopping, went Kim Gary restaurant for our lunch

Almost 6, home sweet home

16 Dec '10

My cousin sis came KL from Alor Star
Brought them to The Curve and 1U

The Curve's Christmas Tree

After went 1U watched movie

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

After that, bought some donuts to eat

Almost 9, back home.

17 Dec'10

Went Ts,
Neway sing K,

Ok big room XP

After sing, went Runway there do some stupid things, LMAO !
Almosrt 10, HsH

18 Dec '10

Sleep until afternoon O.o
PRO ! 1st time ><
Went Selayang for our lunch

Evening went Bukit Jalil for the 十分紅演唱會

Many singer, like..
溫嵐,何倫東,JJ, AK,丁當,東與哲and bla bla bla..

So excited ! and Hot !
11++ end, and occur some bad things
1++ reached home

Some small detail I didn't have write, Paisei
Christmas is getting closer,
I want go to Pavilion to see the snow and Midvalley for hug the biggest BEAR !

TO all, Merry Christmas