Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday girls!

With Baby Apple

Today 041111, was my school graduation day. Yup, I graduated. Congratulations! :D
Unfortunately, no photo for this day because the status of my face no good. WTH! Sad :((
Beside, just now saw someone wrote on Facebook.  
"毕业 = 失业,我要再就业。"  It was interesting :)


You didn't had see wrong. I'm updating the post of September, who calls the birthday girl now only send the photos to me. I told her send photos to me on September until now, 2 month already..... Speechless, hahahahaaa!
Photos time! Lazy to wrote about that day because it was too long time .......

Yum yum!

Birthday girl, Huii



Happy Birthday!

Almost 12noon, went out with the birthday girl and friends.
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Sunway Giza

Free for birthday girl. Nai Cha

After that, went to sing K. Neway, One Utama

Birthday girl's boyfriend  and me "gap gai" to make a surprise to her. Surprise!

Yum yum! Delicious cake

Happy Birthday to YOU

Make a wish! Wish me ........  xD

Anyway, Happy Birthday!