Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey guys, is blog time again! :-) Have a bad news, my phone's camera damaged. Omg! Can't believe that. After I take photo, in the memory camera album has noting. Phone, I so sayang you, why you do this to me o(>.<)o I think I want to beg my dad to buy a phone to me as fast as I need >o<

Today is my lovely Saturday, beautiful day ♥ Do my hobby, watch movie or drama. HaHa!
I watching 怒火街头, did you watch too? :))

索腿天后. Her legs are very longgg 0.o

And I saw this on Twitter. Why my G-dragon become like this?!?! With long hair, like gay! wtf ="=

Stop here. Continue my drama. TeeHee ♥

Sunday, June 12, 2011


晚安! 我又回来了。我看我今天应该是兴奋过头了,突然又再写多一篇,发神经。哈哈!

之前一直夜夜睡,变成现在睡不着,不知明天睡的醒没有 (>w<) 我还在准备的状态,不知道你们准备好了吗?:))




Yo What's up my lovely Sunday! Yes, finally I willing to blog. ZzZZZzzZ......
So many things have happened in this 2 week of holidays. And before I blog, I found Chinese can't wrote. OMG!

Gave me just a second to think what am I write. lols..

So surprise that this holidays I have Homework. Yes, is homework.

I just finish half only, another half... I waited the teachers to give me answer. HaHa!

Yesterday, go watched movie with friends at Tesco MBO. X-men First-Class

Is a very nice movie. Hope I can watch one more time :)

Today, go watched with aunty and uncle at Jusco Tgv. Kungfu Panda 2

Super super duper cute when panda is young. :D

Okay. Stop at here. I need to rest. Goodbye!