Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I've long time didn't update the blog. 2 months or more? Whatever... Just wanna to write somethings.

I had to work as a promoter at Kepong Jusco last time. Actually I was tired even online time also didn't had. Lols*  Pity rite?

And now I'm free after I quit the job. But also not a happy thing because everyday I stay at home and doin such as a worm (lazy). Slept late and woke up late everyday. Damn boring and I felt I'm useless.

By the way, I haven't go for the driving test. Lols. I've hear on last December but I haven't read it.  Read the undang like I'm still have to school to study History but I've long time didn't reading. Reading skills? Absolutely no. I really dunno how to study at college in the future.
But, I will try to update my reading skills to finish the undang and have the test on this Saturday or Sunday. So scare* 

I must to remind myself, please! Like to forget and don't face to the fact. Lols*

And by the way too, many Korea singer had their new album on this month. Love that*  Like Big Bang, Shinee, Miss A, C.N.Blue and more.
Check this out for their new songs.  You should be hear. :)

Boomshakalaka! XD