Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm lazy for update the trip to Hatyai, Thailand but I'll update "soon".........

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cameron Highlands Part.03

I need to be more faster to end this post. Today is a busy day, many things need to do. Argh........

Turn to the last day at Cameron Highlands. *Back time ._.
Same time woke up, and prepare the breakfast for who woke up early. And just "hei" at there. Later prepare lunch for the kids because they pandai to sleep, sleep until 10++ or 11++. We 12 p.m need to check out.

Inadvertently, I found this flower beside me. RM8 per 1 pot. And my father bought and brought to KL.
I had a question, did the flower will die at KL? Because the whether of KL was not same with Cameron Highlands.


Bye resort.

Tea Hills

My youngest cutie cousin bro ^ ^ 


 We are "pertai" king

What my mother face? = =



Makan again..

After eating all, only start to back. Very tired, so sleep at car and back my home. End......

 Tonight will go the Thailand , that means Merry Christmas I will celebrate at Thailand with Apple and Liming.
Enjoy it!

Anyways, Merry Christmas!

Cameron Highlands Part.02

Happy Winter Solstice Festival !

Actually, I'm not really like to eat "Tang-yuan" because no taste. It just use flour and color factor to make. Mother always makes many many and at the last all needs to throw.  =.="

Somethings happened on this morning. Fuck you! Behind my house those people!

Back to the topic, second days at Cameron Highlands. I'm woke up early because can't sleep.
Super cold la man!


Waiting for go out


Christmas tree???

So cute and cheap!  I forgot to buy ><

This only call "Huang-gua"

Actually, I don't eat strawberry but Strawberry Sundae is yummy!

Busy-ing to eat.

Next place, Temple.

Smoke house.

Kawaii ^^

My favorite.


Playing PS-1

Dinner. Yum yum!


 Tired, Bye!