Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi, blog again, very short ;) Today, went to Wisma Kebudayaan SGM at Jalan Bukit Bintang. It was an exhibition bout --- Save the Earth! Many many things that the girl told us. And saw many picture of endangered species. Thank you for that girl told us, she tried very hard to say. Teehee :)

The beautiful tree

Monday, April 18, 2011


YEOS Chrysanthemum Drink 菊花茶

Today found this special and strange pack beverage. Really strange. The pack expand. No only like that, and the taste of chrysanthemum super duper strange strange strange! Taste like Shandy + Carlsberg have gas tim ="=
Conclusion: I think have poisonous ><

Look like What?
Iphone? GPS? Ipad? HAHAA!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Curly hair

Yeah! is the time to update again. Excited? Alot has happened in April. So, let's share bout this :)

1st day of April was April Fool's Day. Did you gave someone cheated? If had, please don't angry bout that coz just festival needed. Beside, it was also Ching Ming's Festival. I back to my father hometown - Perlis. Very far. Needed 6 or 7 hours to go back. In previous years we afternoon back until night. But this time special. We early in the morning back. 5a.m woke up, earlier than I go
to school. My gosh! On the road, very "fresh" and less cars. Yes, that right my bro can drive very fast. Yuhoo!

I had also saw the sunrise. So beautiful. I like it ! (I did't have take pic coz my h/p can't zoom ><)
Bout 9a.m, we reached Bidor. And had my breakfast - Wan tan Mee. So many people very "旺" >"< After finish, continue back hometown. Afternoon 1++ reached. At there I saw this dogg.

Very cute but also fierce. Always barked to me :(

At there, the most painful time. Nothing to do, to think, to play, to talk. Sat at there until I wanna slapt. Is too boring! Evening, went to my favorite seafood restaurant. The
signature dish of the restaurant - Sour and spicy fish. Tomolo morning, went to pay respect my grandpa and grandma. After pray then we back my home. Home sweet home


Went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Saw doctor again bout my disease. I h
ate to go there coz so confused. The doctor was funny, like to talk somethings funny things. Asked me how many A I wanted to get, 17A or 18A? He was highly of me. And I also saw a news bout robotic surgery.

* My doctor is Robot. *


At school, I think I want go ate buffet anot. Still thinking thinking thinking....
The last conclusion, I GO~ with Miao,Liming,Huii couples, Jia Jia, Bao, Lun.
Now have Buy 1 Free 1 until 24th April 2011.

This pink colour cocktail was starwberry. Strange taste >"<
But the oren cocktail taste good

I used half day to finish this article. Damn tired. Need to resrt.
ByeBye.Teehee ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going to remove makeup.
Wearing my lovely pajamas, Snoppy!

April now. Still not yet to write my cutiee blog. I'm lazy. Finally! Done all the picture. I had a hard time to choosing the picture. Because is too many I take. And I had choose this I think it was OK picture. ;) And ..... I just came to write "Stay Tuned". Sorry to kidding you all like I really now to wrote my blog. Feel so sorry X) So, anywhere, Stay Tuned