Friday, December 31, 2010

3112 '10

Wanted say Bye Bye to 2010.
Many things I do on this year, have happy and sad.

Many things I had to try on this year..

2010, I got pub to drank beer. *
2010, Ponteng gave discipline teacher caught. *
2010, I feel my mommy and daddy love me more than before. *
2010, My buffday ♥
2010, My house was decorating. *
2010, Went Pulau Pangkor with my dear Apple and Liming. *
2010, Went Thailand. *
2010, Went Kuantan. *
2010, My aunt went Taiwan and bought those I like's cosmetics, *
2010, Went Genting with my dear Apple and Liming. *
2010, My jimui study with me on the same class. *

2010, those bad and sad things won't mention, later I sad again -.- *

These was many things, I can't remember already.
So, end like this bahh, 2010

2011, is the new year, bad things go away.
The most important things on
2011, SPM and car driving license.
Try my best to do this two question, is really hard. * I think Oh my gosh ! ><"
I coming :D

To all, Happy New Year
안녕하세요, 2011 :))

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fu*kin long stories of Dec.

I've long time didn't update my blog,
Forgot jor want how to write, -.-

Last time, I've been went to Kuantan,
The picture will update soon on Facebook,
Just some picture that I take, because there only have beaches,
went there to enjoy the feels only.

9 Dec '10

Went with my cousin and her friend,
Bought many things, Wee ~
And also long time didn't have make up,
because this holidays, everyday I at home, no go out, do 宅女 :x

After shopping, went Kim Gary restaurant for our lunch

Almost 6, home sweet home

16 Dec '10

My cousin sis came KL from Alor Star
Brought them to The Curve and 1U

The Curve's Christmas Tree

After went 1U watched movie

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

After that, bought some donuts to eat

Almost 9, back home.

17 Dec'10

Went Ts,
Neway sing K,

Ok big room XP

After sing, went Runway there do some stupid things, LMAO !
Almosrt 10, HsH

18 Dec '10

Sleep until afternoon O.o
PRO ! 1st time ><
Went Selayang for our lunch

Evening went Bukit Jalil for the 十分紅演唱會

Many singer, like..
溫嵐,何倫東,JJ, AK,丁當,東與哲and bla bla bla..

So excited ! and Hot !
11++ end, and occur some bad things
1++ reached home

Some small detail I didn't have write, Paisei
Christmas is getting closer,
I want go to Pavilion to see the snow and Midvalley for hug the biggest BEAR !

TO all, Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Click a Like. Thanks :D

Thailand trip photo all at Facebook.
Cause I lazy to think what I do on this 4 days.
Have a look and click a Like.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November's story ♥♥

N-Year's Picture ._.

Started my story now.......

Nov 6, 2010

My daddy's birthday, HAPPY B'DAE
About 2 p.m, went to Timesquare with beloved Apple and mommy.
Bought some clothes for myself and Apple not happy, because she haven't bought clothes.
We also bought Miao's present too. Hope she like it =)
After that, we have our lunch.
Almost 6p.m, we back home. (:

Nov 7, 2010

Miao's B'dae
Almost 5 p.m, my uncle family and my family went Ulu Yam have our dinner.
I can't take some picture because when the food came out, they all "qiang" to eat =="
I only can take the picture after we eat

Almost 8 ++, fetch beloved Micol and Apple to Milwaukee.
Suddenly, Miao's hubby came out. Miao was shout, HAHA ! She so touching.

B'dae protagonist (:

Next round went to The Sanctuary.

Originally we went to Pure but there was closed.

Almost 1a.m reach home.

Nov 13, 2010

Participated the TAR College graduation '10 of my cousin. =)

Nov 18-21, 2010 - Thailand trip
Stay tuned

Saturday, November 6, 2010

寿星see here !

大个女jor, 乖乖噢 XD


Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last day of october.

呼 ~ 终于考完试了,
我的放假大计就要开始了, 开心 :D


乱到, 怕会有暴动 XD

没拍到她的照片, 因为实在太多人了
有mood都变成没mood x(

3.15 看戏,

周秀娜, 她真的很美 :)

5点多归家, 7点多和丽明夫妇去吃东西
DREAM Shabu-shabu.

好像不用钱酱 ==


LIFE, is simple :))


I will update soon.
Wait ME !

Originally Picture.

Monday, October 25, 2010

最后的几天 :D

现在正在考试中, 再多几天就放假啦喂 ~
满脑子都想着放假, 出街, 旅行
感觉不错嘛 XD

不行 ~
现在还在考着试, 努力读麦那几天, 加油 !


10a.m去JUSCO看戏, 太久没有看戏了, 不行哟 ~ XD

"神早闹闹" 去看恐怖片,
看到我就快发神经了, 一下子吓一下子吓,
我要7线料啦 ><


去那里走走, 还有买礼物给我的宝贝美恩
在GAS遇到Mrs Mike, 他载我们回
忘了和他说谢谢, 不好意识噢 =P

晚上在家煲带 =D


也是一样, "神早闹闹" 起身 ><
去出Passport, sibehh多人
那个Passport's 照片丑到要命, 看到就想把它撕成碎片
过后也是没有出到, 实在太多人了, 还有limit ==

回去Metro吃肉骨茶, 不错下的, 在美食对面
9++ 回家开工, 由于家里装修, 很多东西要搬 ><

从9++搬到6++ 没出去,
难得 ~


有没有觉得眼睛亮了一下咧? XDD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have a Waitt ;D

Sat and Sun, this two days was very tired.
Because I'm have been scream, walk, tea, feeling happy and decoration my house.
Oh ?!
and now was examination's weeks. Two weeks, so long time to having exam.
Damn boring, during examination, i slept because I was not study. > <>

Now just wait me update.
Have a WAIT. Nitez

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pulau Pangkor Trip

16-17/10/2010, photo only~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy B'day ♥

*夸大了 =P

Saturday 02102010

也是IImo提早庆祝的日子 :D
晚上liiming's hub载我们去MOMO Paradise

她们的礼物好大噢~ XD

过没几久就开餐哝, 嘻嘻

好吃 Ho chiak ! ♥♥


幸福小女人 :)

11点多转场 Arena

当然要帮她庆祝啦 XD

准准12点归家, 呵呵

Sunday 03102010

做运动好, 不然肥死 XP

3++ 去Jusco

看到都怕, 恐怖


Thursday, September 30, 2010

iPhone ♥

呼 ~
我终终于于回来了吖 ~

电脑都生灰尘了 ><

就这样带过罢 ~ (:

Tuesday 28092010

我补习老师买了 iPhone 4

哎呀呀, sibehh 好玩的 XD

另外, 在Google search到的

Diomand White iPhone 4G
好想要噢 X)

假如有 iPhone 3Gs 就够了
嘿嘿 XD

Sunday, September 12, 2010

电影 ♥

矛盾 ><"

什么戏都有, 真好 :))
我就快变戏王了 XD

我的晚餐; Sushi King ♥

鳗鱼饭, 我最爱的 =D

1U 的Sushi King真难找 >w<
累死我了啦 ~


又刺激,又紧张, 又恶心, 又恐怖
吓到我半命 X(

The Curve, DPC
爽啊 X)

Home Sweet Home.