Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grown ups.

Yesterday, hang out.
went to pavilion with Liiming

We took LRT.
Lols. Long time no sat jor.
Ladies coach.

But also got boys came inside.
Lapsap. I think government paste for fun only.

Almost 12, reach there.
Walked to pavilion.
Dust was flying on the road. Omfg >.<

Walked awhile and then watched movie.

Funny lah weii ~ XD

Pavilion threat so cold.
"Da lang zhang" @@

After we watched movie,
we went to Low yat to buy pendrive.
Many people at there. So lively.

Ts again. Have some tea.
5.30 o'clock back.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hoho ! Renew mua blogg ~
I knew many people miss me.
Hahahaass. XD

Recently, I'm like everyday change mua blog layouts.
Saw which one beautiful then put which one,
Oops ~ Three heart two "yi" XD

But now I will never change mua blog layouts,
because I'm like this one. RED*

Talks bout mua topic now.
Recently, can't go out, everyday at home.
On9, watch movie and hong kong drama at PPS.
It was so bored. Argh !
I wanna to gila already.
The sinner was mua mom.
don't gave me out. Cannot lah >.<

But at school, I'm happy (:
Got mua jimui to company me.
Everyday said funny and 38 things.
The topic we were talk is about..... secret :x

Beside, mua monthly examination will coming soon.
No study. Saw PPS. How can I get Pass? Give up.
Try hard on next examination. Gambateh Ahkei !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Abreaction !

First, I apologize to my broken English.
Don't speak nonsense.
Let's go to what I wanna to say now.
I just want to vent !!

Because of you, mom.
I not feeling I get what problem or I did wrong.
All the things I done.

Is you.
You come back late.
So I do all the housework.
Yes ~ The housework should I do.
But you're my mom.
You also wanna to do it !
Not just is me.
Is not fair!

This house you also live.
Please ~

If you're came back late.
Then do pick on what I did.
And say wrong wrong wrong !

Fuck ~

Rubbish post.
Just wanna to vent.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Snapshot.. ♥

I use my phone take all the photo.
Sony Ericsson W580i.
But my phone wanted "huai" jorr. ><
Anyways, enjoyed the photo =)

Untitle. ♥

今天下午和Liiming & Apple打羽球,
连续打了2天 ><

Saturday 31072010




背心万岁 XDD

中间发生过什么事, 我忘了。 XP

只记得吃的罢了 :D

好吃 ! <3


劲搞笑,劲感动 :DD

看完戏后就去咔嚓 ~


Sunday 01082010

鸭~ 生日快乐 =D

你看我几有你心 XD


终于搞定了部落格 ((:

Jian Yang
他发明的 XDD
谢啦 ~